Are there any wrinkle creams that work?

Apr 14, 2015 | Healthy Living | 0 comments

Television commercials would have us believe that younger skin is only a jar or bottle away. But do any of these wrinkle creams actually work?

tns serumThere are only two products that I’m aware of that actually make wrinkles softer.The first is Tretinoin, also known as Retin A. Tretinoin is available by prescription or through a doctor’s office. Many Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists actually carry it in stock, so you may not even need an appointment. Tretinoin increases collagen turnover, and over time will soften wrinkles and even out skin pigmentation. It is very irritating to skin, however, so you have to start using it very gradually. I recommend starting with the lowest strength, 0.05%. Apply a pea-size amount to clean skin at night starting Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. You may notice some dryness and redness at first. As your skin adjusts, you can increase the days you use Tretinoin until you are using it every day.

The other product that can improve the appearance of wrinkles is called TNS Serum, and it’s made by Skin Medica. This product has growth factors, retinoids, and peptides, and it’s very effective without being irritating. TNS Serum is applied morning and night. Both products take several weeks to see a difference, but they are more effective than anything available in the drug store or at the makeup counter.


What is your favorite skin care product?


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