Be More Productive in 3 Easy Steps!

Jan 4, 2018 | Healthy Living | 0 comments

be more productive be more productive be more productive

We all want to be more productive, right? But I often feel like there just aren’t enough hours in tips to be more productivethe day to get everything done. And if you have kids, you know what I mean! I recently listened to a fabulous podcast of an interview with Michael Hyatt, a guru in leadership and getting things done. Amy Porterfield did the interview as part of her regular business podcast. If you’re not familiar with her, she is a fabulous source of expertise in running an online business. Today I want to share some of the great tips they offered to my readers today so we can all be more productive.

Tips to be more productive:

List all your tasks

This means every last thing you have on your plate, from folding laundry to creating a presentation for work. Now you’re going to divide this list into two categories: things that have to be done, and things that don’t. Be ruthless in deciding what doesn’t actually need to be done. For example, about two years ago I stopped sending Christmas cards. (Full disclosure: I actually stopped sending them about five years ago, but two years ago I decided to stop feeling guilty about it!) I just don’t see them as a necessary part of my life, and my friends and family all still speak to me.

Decide what must be done by you, and what you can delegate.

You can delegate way more than you think! There are so many things we continue to do because teaching someone else how to do it seems harder. But in the interview Michael Hyatt talks about hiring a virtual assistant to outsource. He initially started at five hours a week. Within a month he was up to 20 hours a week, because he’d found so many things he could take off his plate and delegate.

Decide what is most important, and schedule time for this in your calendar.

Notice I didn’t say what’s most urgent, but what’s most important. Work will expand to fill the gap. So it’s important we set aside time for the things that mean the most to us. This might be hanging out with our kids, taking the dog for a walk, or going to a yoga class. Taking breaks like this allows you to recharge, and actually helps you be more productive in the end.

If you’d like to listen to the full interview (which I would highly recommend!) you can catch it on the Amy Porterfield website. But even making these three small changes can help you be more productive!

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