Do you know the best type of breast augmentation for your body?

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Over or Under the Muscle

The best type of breast augmentation

What is the best type of breast augmentation?

If you’ve been reading up on breast implants, you may be overwhelmed by all the decisions. What profile implant is best? Should you get silicone or saline? Do you want your implants above or under the muscle?

There is no one best type of breast augmentation for all women. The best type of breast augmentation, rather, is the one that’s right for your body. Today I’m going to explain one of the many factors listed above: implant position.

Under the muscle:

Submuscular breast implants may be the best type of breast augmentation for you if you are very thin. The extra layer of muscle over the implant can make it look more natural. Submuscular implants also have a slightly lower risk of rupturing. And they may have a slightly lower risk of forming thick scar tissue around the implant, a condition called capsular type of breast augmentation

Implants under the muscle do have some disadvantages. The biggest downside is that the implants will move every time you flex your pectorals major muscle, a condition called animation. The pec muscle is used in motions like pushups and pec-fly, so that means you would see implant movement during a game of beach volleyball, while playing tennis, or similar activities that engage your pec muscles.

Above the muscle:

Subglandular implants are placed under the breast tissue (the gland) and above the muscle. This may be the best type of breast implant for you if you want to avoid seeing the implant move. Mammograms may be a little more difficult when the implant is not covered by muscle, but that point is still up for debate.

Subglandular implants do have one disadvantage: they may cause visible rippling in very thin women. But breast implants are being designed to have more gel and thicker gel to prevent rippling, so this is becoming less of an issue.

So which is the best type of breast augmentation for you?

If you hate the idea of the implant moving with activity (swimming, pushups, pec fly) then go above the muscle.

If you’re unsure, or don’t care, then talk to your surgeon. Both options are great, and if your surgeon has a lot more experience and comfort with one over another, this is what you should do to get the best result.which is the best type of breast augmentation

You aren’t stuck with the result you have, either. Implants need to be replaced after 10-15 years because they rupture or develop scar tissue (capsular contracture). If you develop capsular contracture, you actually need to move the implants to the other position to reduce future risk. But you can also have them switched for purely cosmetic reasons.

So there is no right choice. It’s just what’s right for you. Have questions? Leave them in the comments, or bring them to my Facebook page!

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