Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Feb 6, 2014 | Body | 0 comments

“Does laser hair removal work?”

I am asked this question at least once a week, and for good reason.  Listen to the radio and you will be inundated with ads for laser hair removal.  Never having to shave again sounds wonderful, right?  And here is the good news: laser hair removal does work.  But before you consider trying it, there are a few things to be aware of.

Does Laser Hair Removal Works?

First, laser hair removal is a bit of a misnomer.  More accurately, laser treatments reduce the thickness of the hair.  The resulting hair is so light and fine that you barely see it; look at the hair on your cheeks for an example of this.  Don’t see any hair on your cheeks?  This is actually the densest hair on your body, but it’s so fine you can’t see it.  Second, laser hair removal requires several treatments, up to 8 or more, for it to be effective.  The treatments only work on hair that is actively growing, and because hair may be in all different phases of the growth cycle, only a portion of the hair is in the correct growth phase at each treatment.  Cost can vary by location, so shop around.  Many facilities (including our office) have prices readily available on their website, so you can easily compare.

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