Can I use my HSA for Botox?

Nov 25, 2014

Flex spending accounts (FSAs) and Healthcare spending accounts (HSAs) are great ways to save additional money for healthcare while saving on taxes.

Patients often ask us if they can spend money in a Flex spending account or HSA for Botox, hair removal, or skin care products.  The short answer is: no, it can’t.  Money in an FSA or HSA does not cover cosmetic treatments.

If you are getting Botox for a medical indication, such as migraine headaches, then you can use the money in your HSA for Botox. But cosmetic treatments are not eligible.

But you can use your FSA or HSA money for things that regular insurance does not always cover.

Flu shots are covered by an HSA, as are blood pressure monitors, and blood sugar testing kits.  Your HSA may also cover hot or cold packs, bandages, and splints or ACE wraps.  So this is a great opportunity to set your household up with a first aid kit.

HSA fir Botox

Condoms and pregnancy tests are usually covered as well, so you can always stock up if this is something you might need in the next year.

Prescription medications may or may not be eligible:

You can use your HSA or FSA to pay for pretty much any prescription medication.  And this is great for medications that are often not covered by insurance, such as EpiDuo, which is used to treat acne.  But there are some medications that are provided by prescription for cosmetic use, e.g. tretinoin.  Tretinoin has some medical indications , but is most commonly used to treat wrinkles and fine lines.  So although it is a prescription medication, what you’re using it for determines if it’s eligible under your HSA. I would check with your HSA first to see if it’s covered.

What’s the most interesting or creative thing you’ve used your Health Savings Account to pay for?