What’s a life coach? And should you get one?

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Do I need life coach? What is a Life Coach

I literally had no idea what a life coach was two years ago. I had heard of business coaches to help you grow your business, but I didn’t know that coaching was literally an entire industry.

My eyes have been opened.

I sort of knew about motivational speakers- Tony Robbins is a great example. But a life coach is a little different because there is a two-way flow of information. Rather than being passively taught information (through books, lectures, podcasts) a coach actually helps you implement changes in your own life.

what does life coaching look likeSo how is this not therapy? I’ve actually got a great podcast on this with psychologist and life coach Dr. Sasha Heinz. It’s totally worth the time to listen! But the quick-and-dirty explanation is that therapy has a goal of getting people back to normal. It’s correcting a deficit, or improving a disease or disorder. Coaching, on the other hand, is there to help already functional people excel.

What does coaching look like?

A life coach works through talking with you, so the great news is you aren’t limited by geography. I’ve worked with clients and coaches over the phone, by email, and through applications like Slack. Coaching is commonly done in two formats:

  • one-on-one. This is the most expensive form, obviously, since you’re paying for someone’s time.
  • Group coaching: This is generally less expensive because the coach can serve multiple clients at the same time. I find group coaching just as helpful, and often even more helpful than individual coaching. Other people in your group may have great questions that apply to your life, but that you wouldn’t have necessarily thought of.

What kind of life coach do you need?

What kind of coach you need depends on what your goals are! There are coaches to help you gain self-confidence, dress more fashionably, grow your business, be a calmer parent, deal with workplace burnout, and of course improve your health or lose weight. Chances are whatever your problem, there is a coach to help you!

How do you find a life coach?

You could look at an online database of coaches- I like the Life Coach School. They’re all trained in the same techniques, but they apply it differently. You could also just start looking for podcasts or blogs on self help topics you like. Most coaches are teachers first and foremost. Offering up free info helps them create a relationship with people who might find their services helpful.How do you find a life coach

This is the very reason I started a podcast- Not only does it help me teach people some awesomely interesting and helpful things, but it also helps people get to know me. Whether they ultimately come see me for surgery or join my online weight loss program, they can get to know me first.

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