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Feb 27, 2013 | Healthy Living | 0 comments

Most people have their go-to products- brands or specific products which they have been loyal to for years.  And I’m no different.  But I’d like to think I have a unique perspective, which I suppose is why you all read this blog.  So here are some of my favorite products, medical or otherwise.


  • Eucerin – The very heavy Eucerin that comes in the jar is some of my favorite dry and damaged skin moisturizermoisturizer.  We used this stuff by the gallon in the burn unit, because it’s so great for moisturizing dry, damaged skin.  I love it in the winter on my elbows and knees, and sometimes even my face.


  • Kelo-cote – I’ve recommended this in previous posts on wound care for two simple wound carereasons: it’s affordable, and it works.  Kelo-cote is a silicone scar product that comes in gel or as a reusable sheets.  We don’t know exactly why silicone helps scars, but it really does work.  You can certainly buy more expensive products than Kelo-cote with all sorts of fancy growth factors added, but I find that regular silicone works just fine.


  • Aquaphor or Vaseline – If you read that post on improving scars, you know I wounds moisturizerrecommend keeping wounds moist.  Letting a wound dry out and scab up actually slows healing.  But using antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin for weeks on end can lead to allergic reactions and redness that might be confused with an infection.  And after the first few days, antibiotic ointments are unlikely to prevent an infection anyway.  I have all my patients use Vaseline or Aquaphor on incisions after the first week to keep them moist without the risk of an allergic reaction.  They also work great on chapped lips, dry cuticles, or anywhere you need an extra boost of moisture.


  • Silicone finger sleeves – These little babies are protection on swelling fingersweet for any type of finger injury that needs sturdier protection than a Band-Aid can provide, or to bring down the swelling in a finger. They are lined with silicone, so they help flatten scars, and they slowly release mineral oil to keep things moist- two of my favorite things combined!  They are also great for toes that rub together inside your shoes.  Buy these in your favorite drugstore in the foot-care aisle.

Do you have any products you absolutely love?



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