Nonfiction books are my new jam – here’s why

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I’m a voracious reader. My husband laughs every time I finish a book, saying “oh no! Time for another book!” I used to read primarily fiction, since I got enough nonfiction books in the form of schoolwork. But lately nonfiction books are my new thing. I’ll explain why I love them, and why you should try reading nonfiction books too.

I loved reading from an early age.

As a kid I would read a Babysitter’s Club book in about 3 hours, so keeping me with plenty of new books to read was tough. Every Christmas my parents would give me boxes of books for gifts I see my daughter showing the same propensity already (at age 2, she often carries a book over to me or my husband, asking us to read to her)- thank goodness for kindle unlimited!

I used to read nearly exclusively fiction.

Read nonfiction booksStephen King was, and still is, one of my favorite authors. But I read everything from historical fiction, to fantasy, to romance. Anything that sounded interesting compared to my mundane life was game. This trend lasted all the way until my early 30s, when I started reading mostly nonfiction books.

What changed?

I think the biggest change was that I’m no longer in school. Right up until age 31 I was learning constantly. But after I finished my residency in plastic surgery, I don’t have assigned reading any more. Sure, I still look up a ton of stuff, and read articles that are relevant to my medical practice. But I no longer have a large value of required reading.

And that left a bit of a gap in my life. Learning is fun! Sure- school may not be fun. And learning about topics you don’t care about at all isn’t fun either. But learning about stuff that interests you is fun and fulfilling.

At this stage of my life, my favorite nonfiction  books are business development and personal development books. Not only are they great research for my podcast, but it’s exciting to make changes in my own life that pay off in big ways. I’m still a voracious reader, so I’m usually in the middle of at least two or three books at a time.

Currently I’m reading.

  1. The bible. It’s a bit of a slog, but I’ve made really good headway into the Old Testament. My husband just finished after starting the bible a year ago, but he spends more time on it than I do.
  2. Silicone on Trial: Breast Implants and the Politics of Risk. A really interesting history of breast implant safety and how breast implants are regulated by the FDA.
  3. High Performance Habits. This book by Brendan Burchard outlines habits you need to be a highly successful person. You know, as opposed to regularly successful. It’s got some exercises, and requires a bit of introspection, so I’ll often switch over to another book for a break.Benefits of Reading Books

Not totally convinced that reading is awesome? Look for some topics that interest you! And here are some other great reasons to read:

Benefits of reading:

  1. it increases intelligence. You learn more vocabulary, along with learning about whatever subject you’re reading about
  2. Reading improves cognitive function, and has been shown to slow dementia.
  3. Reading can help you be more empathetic and increase your emotional intelligence.

How many books do you read in a month? And what’s your favorite genre? Let me know in the comments!

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