Oven Roasted Chicken – Plastic Surgery Style

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a roasted chicken that has been trussed without twine how to truss a chicken without twine

Let me tell you about my recipe for oven roasted chicken. The week before last I went grocery shopping (all by myself- does that count as time to decompress?). And I must confess: I actually bought a whole chicken. They were on sale, and cheaper than rotisserie for a change. Does anyone else wonder why a whole, cooked chicken costs less than an uncooked one? That’s always bothered me somehow. Regardless, the whole roasting chickens were on sale, so I bought one.

I was working at home for the day, which meant I had a little extra time to cook dinner. And I thought the sight of an oven roasted chicken and vegetables might impress my husband a little bit. Should be fine, right?

I’m not a stranger to roasting meat. I’ve done a couple turkeys on Thanksgiving. I can roast a juicy pork loin. My number one tip? The meat thermometer is key. If you cook to 5 degrees under temp, and let it rest for 10 minutes, whatever you’re cooking will hit the right temperature without drying out.

What’s this about trussing?!

So, back to the oven roasted chicken. I looked up roasting instructions to make sure I cooked it to the right temp. And then I saw in the instructions… trussing the bird. Tying the legs together to keep them moist is apparently an integral part of making oven-roasted chicken.Oven roasted chicken making oven-roasted chicken






So… we don’t have kitchen twine at my house (does anyone, really?). And this did not seem like the time to substitute duct tape or yarn (my usual go-tos). Paper clips maybe?A Plastic Surgery style oven roasted chicken

But wait… I look at the chicken again, and there’s extra skin around the butt. Two quick slashes with my paring knife, and voila! The chicken is trussed with it’s own skin.

The chicken was moist and delicious. And the legs? Not dried out a bit!. That, my friends, is how you make oven roasted chicken Plastic Surgery style!


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