Thigh Gap Surgery – Does it Really Work?

Jan 8, 2015

Thigh gap surgery- is this a real thing?

Urban Outfitters ad showing a thigh gapI originally wrote this post back in 2015, after Urban Outfitters was ordered by a British advertising standards group to remove a lingerie ad featuring a model that was described as “unhealthily thin“. Despite the negative press, “thigh gap surgery” is still a very common google search term. So is this even an actual plastic surgery procedure?

What is a thigh gap?

If you have been out of touch with this issue, a thigh gap is defined as “a space between the inner thighs when standing upright with knees touching” (  The thigh gap is a marker for female attractiveness by some. Search for “thigh gap” on the internet; you’ll find numerous links to pages giving advice on how to obtain those elusive thin thighs.

Can thigh gap surgery help?

I would never perform surgery with the end goal of creating a thigh gap. But liposuction with or without a thigh lift can create a thigh gap in some individuals. And that last part is key: some individuals. The way your body is build determines whether or not you have a thigh gap. Sure, losing weight may help if you’re overweight. But there are plenty of women out there who are at a healthy weight according to their BMI, and who will never have a thigh gap. See the photo below for a great example of this: this woman is fit and healthy, but she doesn’t have a thigh gap.

an thigh gap surgery help?

The thigh gap has more to do with your skeletal frame than anything.

Unless your body is built in a very specific way (wide-set hips and thin thighs), wanting a thigh gap is about as helpful as wanting to be taller. Liposuction can thin the thighs a little bit, but if your femurs don’t insert into your pelvis at the right angle, a thigh gap is impossible. And that’s okay! The elusive thigh gap is a trend, and trends change.  Now, if you do have excess fat or excess skin over your inner thighs, liposuction and thigh lift can give an amazing result. If your goal is a slimmer, tighter thigh, and not a thigh gap per se, it’s worth seeing a plastic surgeon for more information.

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