What Does Butt Lift Surgery Do?

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how to get a rounder butt and photo of a woman's buttocks how to get a rounder butt

In another post I talked a little bit about deaths after Brazilian Butt lift. Today I’m going to explain what butt lift surgery actually does.  I’ll explain the different types of butt lift surgery, and the risks of each type.

1. Butt lift surgery after massive weight loss.

This is truly a lift. When people lose 75 or 100 pounds, they have a lot of extra skin left over. And the skin sags down with gravity on literally every part of the body. This often leaves the buttocks droopy and deflated-appearing. In this case butt lift surgery involves restoring volume to the buttocks by using some of the excess skin. The rest of the excess skin is removed, often as part of a full body lift. So the buttocks are essentially raised up and filled out, all using your own tissue. This goal of this type of butt lift surgery is to restore a normal contour. The biggest is healing problems- the incisions are long, and it’s not uncommon to have small areas open up during the healing period, or to have small fluid collections that need to be drainedButt Lift Surgery in Ohio

2. Gluteal implants

Like Brazilian Butt Lift surgery (which we’ll get to in a moment), the goal of gluteal implants is to make the buttocks larger and rounder. A silicone implant is placed either above or below the muscle, similar to breast implants. If you’ve ever seen the episode of Botched regarding butt implants, you know that it’s not actually a breast implant. And unlike breast implants, gluteal implants have a pretty high complication rate- up to 30%. The buttocks are a high use area. Not only do they have a lot of pressure on the area from sitting, but the gluteal muscles are used to walk. So it’s possible for implants to move out of position, rupture, or even cause pain by pushing on nerves. I personally don’t place gluteal implants for these reasons.

3. Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the most common type of butt lift surgery. Fat is removed from the abdomen and waist using liposuction, and then injected into the buttocks to make them larger and rounder. The liposuction portion is critical: not only does it remove the fat to be injected, but making the waist smaller goes a long way toward making the buttocks appear larger.

As I discussed in my other blog post on Brazilian Butt Lifts, they are pretty high risk for a Brazilian Butt Lift in Ohiocompletely elective cosmetic surgery. The risk of death is 1/3000. In comparison, I couldn’t find an actual estimate for the risk of death after breast implants. I’m not a tremendous fan of the Brazilian Butt Lift. Not only is the safety questionable, but it’s really, really difficult to make the buttocks significantly larger by injecting fat. Only about 60-80% of the fat grafts survive, and there is a limit to how much fat you can inject while staying above the muscle (below the muscle is the danger zone where complications happen.)

Doing a two or three stage surgery would definitely improve the safety and long-term results, but very few people are willing to have three separate recovery periods. So I really reserve the Brazilian Butt Lift for patients who need a little shape adjustment, rather than truly larger buttocks, and I rely on the liposuction to improve the overall proportions.

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