Younger Hands in Less than an Hour!

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Want younger hands?

People often focus their attention on keeping the face looking young. But your hands can also give away your age. Treating sun damage to the hands is a great start, but what if your hands are starting to look too thin, with prominent bones, tendons, and veins? You may not know this, but we can use filler to achieve the look of younger hands! Radiesse is the first filler to obtain FDA approval for this use.

I inject Radiesse in the office, and the entire procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. We use numbing cream before injection to help make the procedure more comfortable. And I think the results speak for themselves- check out the photos below and see what having younger hands can look like!

younger hands

younger hands with radiesse

After your injection:

Mild swelling is normal for the first couple of days, and may last up to a couple weeks. Using ice packs and keeping your hands elevated can help the swelling resolve more quickly, but there is no downtime after the procedure. By the next day you can work out, get your hands wet, and do all the activities you normally do. You may have some bruising after injection, which usually take a week or two to completely fade. Your new, younger hands will last about a year before you need another treatment.

But what if you have both thinning hands and age spots? In this case, we can use Radisse to make the hands look fuller, then add laser treatments to fade age spots. These treatments can even be done in a single visit.

If you’re tired of your hands giving away your age, call us today to set up a treatment! (440) 974-8577. Or you can search the Radiesse Hands website to find a provider in your area.

Dr. Greer is a plastic surgeon in Cleveland, Ohio. Her passion is helping moms regain their confidence by getting rid of sagginess, wrinkles, and stubborn fat using surgery, laser, Botox and fillers. Check out her website for more information, or to download a FREE copy of “The Busy Mom’s Guide to Plastic Surgery.







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