Halo laser – Better results with less downtime!

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Halo Laser Peel
Halo Laser Peel

The Halo laser peel by Sciton is amazing!

I’m a huge fan of laser peels and skin resurfacing – they soften wrinkles, make skin brighter, and even out skin pigmentation. But laser peels have one big drawback: downtime.

In the past I’ve used  a combination of a traditional laser peel with a fractionated peel for most of my patients. The regular peel smooths out fine lines, and the fractionated part helps even pigmentation while stimulating collagen. It works well, but to get a good result my patients have 1-2 weeks of downtime.

Who can take a whole week off life?

Not me, unfortunately, which is why I’ve never been able to have a laser peel myself. It’s really hard to hole up for an entire week while your face is beet red. And many patients need multiple treatments, which means you’re trying to find a week free several times a year. It’s just not an option for most people.

So what’s the alternative? The Halo laser.

This is some seriously cool technology, and I’m completely geeking out over it! But I’m not going to bore you with the physics of exactly what’s happening. If you want to read the nitty-gritty details, check them out on Sciton’s website. Let me give you a side by side comparison to explain why I’m so excited:

The Halo laser peel by Sciton

Huge difference, right?

What are the results of the Halo peel?

I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves!

Results of Halo Peel in Mentor Results of Halo Peel in Mentor, OH

Not limited to just the face!

Traditional laser peels can cause scarring when performed on other areas of the body. And although fractionated laser treatments can be done on the arms, hands, etc., they’re a little time consuming and uncomfortable to do on large surface areas.

The Halo laser peel is not only safe to use on other areas of the body, it’s also more comfortable and faster. Which means we now have a good way to treat sun damage, crepey skin, and fine lines on the hands, decolletage, neck, arms- really just about anywhere!

Want to learn if the Halo laser peel is right for you? Request a consultation today!

Dr. Greer is a Plastic Surgeon who practices in Cleveland, OH. Her passion is helping moms regain self-confidence by getting rid of sagginess, wrinkles, and stubborn fat. Read more about her at www.greerplastics.com.


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