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At Greer Plastic Surgery, we want you to be comfortable in your own skin, which is why we offer the FUPA-eliminating procedure known as the monsplasty!

Pubic Lift Surgery Near You

A pubic lift, or monsplasty, can get rid of the embarrassing and uncomfortable bulge of excess skin and fat known as the FUPA, or fat upper pubic area. Dr. Greer is an expert when it comes to helping women feel more confident in themselves through this procedure, and she can’t wait to do the same for you!

Greer Plastic Surgery monsplasty

What is a Monsplasty (Pubic Lift)?

Monsplasty surgery treats the mons pubis, the upper region of the hair-bearing part of the vulva. Designed to reduce bulging of the mons, the procedure can reduce the amount of fatty tissue or skin, leaving you with a smoother silhouette with less chafing. Depending on the cause of the bulging mons, the way the procedure is performed varies, and it sometimes may even include liposuction. FUPA can be a source of insecurity and discomfort, especially during exercise or while wearing tight fitting clothing, but a monsplasty can set you on the path to a happier and more confident you!

Can I Get Rid of My FUPA with Weight Loss?

If your FUPA is caused by fat, weight loss can help diminish the size of your mons. Since you can’t spot treat fat, CoolSculpting can also be a great non-invasive option to literally melt the fat in the targeted area. Regardless of the cause of your FUPA, Dr. Greer and the team at Greer Plastic Surgery are here to help you achieve stunning results no matter what.

How Does Monsplasty Work?

Because monsplasty is a procedure that removes excess skin and fatty tissue, it’s often performed through a combination of liposuction and skin excision, a procedure where an incision is created, and the tissue is removed through it. Depending on the amount of tissue needing to be removed, anesthesia may be required. If your skin has minimal laxity, or looseness, liposuction alone may be sufficient to treat your FUPA, which is something we can discuss during your consultation.

Is Monsplasty Part of a Tummy Tuck?

It can be! When Dr. Greer performs a tummy tuck surgery, she makes the skin incision just above the pubic hair line (where hair grows) to lift the mons. She then performs liposuction to flatten it, which can also reduce hanging. Not all tummy tuck surgeons do this, but Dr. Greer will go over the procedure with you in consultation to address FUPA removal with your tummy tuck.

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How Long is the Recovery Time for a Monsplasty?

If you undergo monsplasty as part of your tummy tuck, you should take a week to 10 days off work. If you’re undergoing a monsplasty alone, recovery is typically easier, though you should still wait four weeks until you can get back to doing cardio or lifting weights. After the procedure, you will notice some swelling and bruising on your thighs or over your vulva.

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What is the Cost of Monsplasty Surgery in Cleveland?

Dr. Greer will discuss the cost of your procedure with you during your consultation, as the cost can vary depending on whether you are getting the monsplasty alone or as part of a tummy tuck. The cost of this procedure also includes the surgeon’s fees as well as facility and anesthesia fees.

Dr. Jennifer Greer plastic surgeon - Greer Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Greer


Schedule a Monsplasty Consultation with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Cleveland, OH

As a female plastic surgeon, mother, and as someone who has undergone cosmetic work herself, Dr. Jennifer Greer knows what it’s like for busy women to not have the time to take care of themselves. Investing in yourself is part of our philosophy at Greer Plastic Surgery, and Dr. Greer wants every woman to feel beautiful inside and out. Her caring nature and eye for aesthetics, as well as her expertise, are a major part of why numerous women have chosen to undergo monsplasty with her. She knows just how bothersome a FUPA can be and is here to help you achieve your body goals!

A smoother side profile and an overall more confident you are possible with a monsplasty. Real women just like you have chosen to undergo this FUPA-banishing procedure and have achieved stunning results, so take a look at our before and after gallery to see what’s possible!
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