Are you stuck in a weight loss plateau?

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a weight loss plateau weight loss plateaus

If you’ve spent any time at all trying to lose weight, you’ll probably look at “plateau” as a dreaded word. Plateaus represent an obstacle in the battle to lose weight. But what is a weight loss plateau?

what are weight loss plateauInformation is scarce.

I realized I’ve never actually asked, “what is a weight loss plateau”, so I googled “definition weight loss plateau” and found… nothing. Okay, so obviously google returned hundreds of search results. But they were all focused on breaking through a plateau and resuming weight loss. Call me crazy, but I think looking for a solution to a problem before actually defining the problem is putting the cart before the horse.

what is a weight loss plateau

Definition of a plateau.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I’ve lost 50 pounds over the past year and a half. I’ve spent the past six months working with an amazing weight coach, Dr. Katrina Ubell, and she offered the first actual definition of a plateau I’ve ever heard. As Katrina defines it, a plateau is:

  1. No weight loss for 2-3 weeks,
  2. while following your plan 100% of the time.

Plateaus are long!Definition of a plateau

I think so many of us fail to lose weight for a week, or even a few days, and huff in frustration, “Stupid plateau.” But when we ask, what is a weight loss plateau, it’s pretty evident that plateaus are longer than the normal variation in weight loss. It’s super common for weight loss to go in fits and spurts. If you don’t believe me, look at the graph of my weight over a seven month period. Even when I’m losing weight steadily, I’ll stay at the same weight for many days. This is a normal part of the process!

If you aren’t following your plan, you’re not in a plateau.

If you think about it, a plateau is something external. It’s your body no longer losing weight, despite changes in your eating habits. Really it’s your body adjusting to a new weight set-point. So if you’re sneaking bites of dessert, or eating more than your plan allows, a plateau is not the reason you aren’t losing weight. You aren’t losing weight, my friend, because you aren’t following your plan.

I love this definition because it negates the vast majority of the time we think we’re in a plateau.  Often we’re not giving our bodies enough time to adjust, or we’re not really following our plan.

So what do you do if you truly are in a plateau? Download my freebie which gives you strategies to break your plateau:

what is a weight loss plateau

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