What is the best anti-aging treatment?

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What is the best anti-aging treatment

Best Anti-Aging Treatment

As a mom, entrepreneur, and Plastic surgeon, my life is hectic, to say the least. And even though I have access to the best anti-aging treatment available, it’s tough to find time to take care of myself. Despite my crazy schedule, there is one  treatment I make sure to get every single year:

A Fotofacial is the best anti-aging treatment.

What is a fotofacial?

A fotofacial (or photofacial, if you’re a stickler for spelling and don’t mind the lack of alliteration) is actually pretty generalized, and is more of a marketing term than anything.What does a fotocial treat

Most often the term fotofacial is used to refer to a type of intense pulsed light (IPL) or broad band light (BBL) treatment. Whereas a laser only produces a single wavelength of light, a BBL applies a filter to select out the wavelength you want. The upshot of this is I can treat more things with the same piece of equipment. The fotofacial I offer actually includes the use of an actual laser as well.

What does a fotofacial treat?

Now that I’ve explained that a fotofacial uses laser and BBL technology, the more important question is: what can it do for you? The great news is, a lot! I love doing fotofacials, because they’re so versatile. I can tailor the results to a patient’s individual needs, and address concerns such as:

  • brown spots and hyper pigmentation
  • redness
  • spider veins (aka broken capillaries)
  • wrinkles

So basically a fotofacial can give you more even skin tone, get rid of spider veins, and improve wrinkles. No wonder it’s my favorite treatment!

How is a fotofacial done?

Fotofacials are done right in the office. The treatment feels a bit hot, so we apply a numbing cream about 20 minutes ahead of time. We also use a special fan (the Zimmer chiller) that blows super-cooled air during the treatment. So although there’s some discomfort, it’s very tolerable.How is a Fotofacial Done?

Most patients need a series of 3-5 treatments to achieve a good result. After that I recommend an annual maintenance treatment to touch up any new brown spots or spider vein. You should wait at least six weeks between treatments, and there is no downtime.

Fotofacials are an awesome maintenance treatment!

A study in 2016 showed the long-term results of a fotofacial. The studied assessed the subjective age of test subjects by having a panel of people estimate the patient’s age based on a photo. This process was repeated after 10 years of annual fotofacial treatments. The amazing part? Study subjects looked subjectively younger at the end of the 10 year study!

My experience as a Plastic surgeon has shown me regular maintenance treatments are the best anti-aging treatments available, and you’ll get better results with a little maintenance than you will trying to do an occasional overhaul. And Fotofacial is one of the best anti-aging treatments out there.

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Dr. Greer is a Plastic Surgeon who practices in Cleveland, OH. Her passion is helping moms regain self-confidence by getting rid of sagginess, wrinkles, and stubborn fat. Read more about her at www.greerplastics.org.

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