Arm Lift Surgery (Brachioplasty) in Mentor, OH

Say bye-bye to excess flab and bat wings with an arm lift from Greer Plastic Surgery! Dr. Greer can remove excess skin to reveal sculpted, smooth arms for a more confident and toned you.

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Weight loss benefits your health and self-esteem, but the excess skin that’s left behind can hinder your confidence following your achievement. Dr. Greer is well-equipped to help you slim down your upper arms for a sleeker look that’s free from chafing and other discomforts associated with flabby skin, so you can comfortably celebrate your new body.

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What is a Brachioplasty (Arm Lift Surgery)?

After shedding a significant amount of weight, whether from exercise or surgery, you might be dealing with loose, excess skin that hangs from different parts of your body: especially on the upper arms. An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a type of body contouring surgery that reshapes the back of your upper arms all the way down to your elbow. By removing the extra skin and other soft tissues, we create a smooth, tapered shape that won’t show any hints of your skin ever losing elasticity in the first place!

Should I Get Liposuction with an Arm Lift?

Part of your journey to achieving your ideal look might involve going beyond skin removal. Liposuction is a great option for those seeking a more fully sculpted physique by eliminating fat and reshaping your body. Dr. Greer can create a customized plan that combines the two procedures to help give you the body of your dreams.

What Can I Expect from Arm Lift Surgery?

During an arm lift, we first make an incision on the interior of your upper arm. We then remove excess skin and tighten the supportive tissue with sutures before closing the incision. Depending on the amount of excess skin, we might have to make the incision all the way to the elbow, but if there is less, we can perform a “mini” version where the incision is instead along the edge of the underarms. A mini brachioplasty is more appropriate for those only wishing to remove small amounts of skin in a more contained area.

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How Long is Arm Lift Recovery Time?

Recovery time depends on your body and the amount of excess skin being removed, but it typically takes about one month. We’ll walk you through your recovery during an in-office consultation so you know what to expect and can enjoy your beautiful results. You’ll want to rest and avoid strenuous activity, including activities that involve bearing weight or lifting over your head. You’ll also want to wear a compression garment to help decrease swelling.

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What is the Cost of Arm Lift Surgery in Mentor?

The cost of a brachioplasty will vary based on your previous procedures and the length of the surgery. We’ll provide a broken-down cost analysis during your consultation, which includes surgical fees, facility fees, and potential anesthesia fees.

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Dr. Jennifer Greer


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At Greer Plastic Surgery, we’re here to provide every woman with that extra boost of confidence she needs to seize each day and thrive. Dr. Jennifer Greer leads a team of caring, empathetic professionals who repeatedly deliver top-notch results. Having undergone cosmetic procedures herself, Dr. Greer understands what women are looking for, especially busy moms who have little time for themselves. When it comes to arm lifts, Dr. Greer’s unique respect for female anatomy and desired aesthetics shines through, as she helps each patient get the results they want for their unique body.

Brachioplasty Results


Smoothly sculpted arms with minimal flab and sag are possible with Greer Plastic Surgery. Take a look at some of our real patients’ results, where they not only love their new bodies but feel more confident in their clothes too!

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Before and after arm lift left arm front view
Before and after arm lift both arms right side view
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