Natural-Looking Breast Reduction in Mentor, Ohio

The most common complaint Dr. Greer hears from her patients who have received a breast reduction is they wish they hadn’t waited so long. At Greer Plastic Surgery, we understand it’s easy to get caught up in the stress and demands of everyday life, but sometimes, you need to take time for yourself in order to put your best foot forward. A plastic surgery procedure like a breast reduction can greatly improve your physical comfort and overall quality of life.

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What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

If you struggle with the size of your breasts due to the way they affect your balance or the strain on your back, you’re not alone. Additionally, many women opt for breast reductions even without these physical issues. The shape of your breasts can be major factors to your self-image, something that the team here at Greer Plastic Surgery understands deeply.

The goal of a breast reduction is to remove extra fat, skin, and tissue from your breasts to make them smaller and perkier. You want to choose a comfortable, visually appealing size that best suits your overall body shape and lifestyle.

Dr. Greer’s procedure will leave you feeling like the best version of yourself, starting with a careful explanation of all your sizing options and an agreement on a plan that best suits your needs. Schedule a consultation today to learn all the ways you can benefit from a breast reduction with the team at Greer Plastic Surgery!

Do I Need a Breast Reduction Surgery?

If the size of your breasts prevents you from performing daily activities, enjoying life, and finding clothes that fit, then a breast reduction is definitely a great option to consider. This procedure can help your chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain and improve your overall physical activity level.

Chronic skin rashes under your breasts can be resolved with a breast reduction. Finding bras and clothes that fit should be easy and, dare we say, even fun! With breast reduction surgery, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to look and feel amazing every day. It’s time to say goodbye to the days of wearing two sports bras, finding it difficult to feel comfortable in your own skin, and living with chronic pain.

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What Happens During Breast Reduction Surgery?

During your breast reduction surgery, Dr. Greer will make an incision in your breasts to remove the excess breast tissue, skin, and fat, and reshape the breasts. She will then reposition the nipple to create a more natural appearance.

Dr. Greer offers two different options of incision points depending on your needs:

She can perform a pedicled breast reduction, which allows the nipple to stay attached during the procedure and maintain sensation afterwards.

The other option is a free-nipple breast reduction, which is less common and inhibits sensation in the nipples following surgery. This option is best if you have exceptionally large breasts and need to preserve blood supply to the nipple.

During your consultation, Dr. Greer can explain your options thoroughly and discuss which option is the best fit for you.

What is the Recovery for a Breast Reduction Like?

The recovery following breast reduction surgery is relatively simple, and you should only need pain medication for a couple of days after your procedure. The exact recovery time varies from patient to patient, but you should be able to return to work within the week and resume a normal cardio and weights regimen after a month.

You’ll typically experience a dull soreness that fades away fairly quickly. Your scars will be pink at first and fade to blend in with the surrounding skin in anywhere from 6-12 months. Dr. Greer recommends a few options to help with the scars, such as laser treatments and a silicone scar gel to help them fade faster.

How Much Does Breast Reduction Surgery in Mentor, Ohio Cost?

One of our top priorities at Greer Plastic Surgery is to create a customized treatment plan just for you.

The cost of a breast reduction can vary depending on your specific needs and the location of your surgery. If you have visited a chiropractor, physical therapist, or primary care physician, bring their notes to your consultation with Dr. Greer so she can review this information. We believe cosmetic surgery is a worthwhile investment for anyone, so we try to make every service accessible and affordable with our financing and payment options.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Greer today to learn more about the cost of your breast reduction surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery Near You

Greer Plastic Surgery, located in Mentor, Ohio, is dedicated to performing cosmetic procedures that achieve natural results based on your unique goals.

We have a team of amazing professionals who are all happy to answer any questions you have and make your breast reduction experience as stress-free and easy as possible. Our specialists will walk you through the entire process from deciding the specifics of your new breasts and planning for your surgery to choosing a payment plan. Our team understands that navigating a plastic surgery procedure is new territory for many patients, and we keep you as involved and informed as you need to feel confident and comfortable.

Dr. Jennifer Greer: Female Plastic Surgeon in Mentor, Ohio

Dr. Greer is a mom of three and has spent her career perfecting cosmetic procedures that give women natural, life-enhancing results. She feels passionately about improving lives and making you feel heard through every step of your breast reduction journey.

Dr. Greer will personally check in on you following your surgery and be a source of support throughout your entire process. She is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and her skills and expertise are only surpassed by her compassion and commitment to patient care.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Greer today to begin a long-term investment in your happiness.

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Dr. Greer is an amazingly compassionate Doctor who clearly values her patients and their experiences. Her acts of kindness exceed that of all other Doctor’s these days. She is rare and one of a kind. I feel like I made a good choice to have her perform my procedure even with the 6 hour drive outside of my home state. I would certainly recommend her to anyone.

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Testimonials quotation

Dr. Greer is an amazingly compassionate Doctor who clearly values her patients and their experiences. Her acts of kindness exceed that of all other Doctor’s these days. She is rare and one of a kind. I feel like I made a good choice to have her perform my procedure even with the 6 hour drive outside of my home state. I would certainly recommend her to anyone.
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I had two procedures done by Dr. Jennifer Greer. The outcome was excellent. Everything went just as she said. I am so happy with my results. I would have done it years ago if I would have known it was going to make me so happy. Dr. Greer has a great down to earth attitude and makes you feel at ease. I love her and would recommend seeing her for any procedure you want or need. Her office staff and Tri Point surgical staff were great as well!

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Dr Greer is exceptional. I have had nothing but fantastic experiences with her. From the first contact, her office staff was friendly and helpful. I highly recommend her to all of my friends.
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