RHA® Fillers in Mentor, OH

Say Bye-Bye to Dynamic Wrinkles with a Revolutionary Filler Formula!

Your face is unique and beautifully you, and we want your confidence to shine through every feature. As you age, dynamic wrinkles and folds formed by facial expressions are more prominent as your skin loses volume. To help replenish your skin, we’re proud to carry the RHA® Collection fillers — the only resilient hyaluronic acid-based fillers FDA Approved to treat these wrinkles for smooth, full, youthful skin.

Dermal RHA® Filler Injections Near You

Whether you’re looking to treat volume loss in a more natural way or to plump up smile lines, we’ll use our expertise to address your concerns with RHA® filler. Our years of experience have given us a great eye for treating each face like a work of art, for truly customized results that suit each patient.

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RHA Fillers in Mentor, OH | Greer Plastic Surgery

What sets RHA® Fillers Apart?

RHA® filler is a groundbreaking formulation of resilient hyaluronic acid (HA), and the only FDA Approved HA filler to treat dynamic wrinkles. It’s designed to more naturally mimic the chemical HA present in your skin which keeps it bouncy and youthful, yet diminishes as we age. Made to seamlessly adapt and settle to your facial expressions, this product can provide a more natural look when your face is in movement and at rest.

It can soften deep folds like nasolabial lines, replenish lost volume, and smooth wrinkles, for lasting non-invasive, natural looking results.

Areas That RHA® Fillers Can Treat

Discover fresh-looking skin, minimal lines, and filler that moves so effortlessly no one would have ever guessed you had work done! Our team uses RHA® dermal fillers to treat:

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How to Prep for RHA®Filler Treatment

Avoid blood thinning medications like aspirin and ibuprofen for a week prior to your treatment if you are concerned about bruising. During a consultation, we’ll provide a complete list of personalized recommendations prior to your appointment.

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The Day of Your RHA®Filler Treatment

When you come in for your appointment, we’ll start by cleaning and disinfectingthe treatment area before applying a numbing cream to minimize injection site discomfort. The product is injected with a tiny needle, and cold spray is used prior to each shot. Once the injecting process is over, you’ll apply an ice pack for 5-10 minutes to help prevent bruising.

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Recovery & Results of RHA®Filler Treatment

RHA® filler starts showing visible results within two days of treatment, and can last for six to nine months due to its novel formulation technology.You might experience some degree of swelling and bruising following injection, as the filler typically takes several hours to begin settling. This dissipates within days to reveal your more fresh-faced self!

Am I a Candidate for RHA® Fillers?

If you’re looking to soften lines around the mouth and chin, fill depressions in the skin, and revert to an overall younger, smoother look — you are likely a candidate for RHA® filler! Its formulation allows your face to move naturally, so it’s highly recommended for those wanting to plump folds and lines, rather than cease motion with neurotoxins.

In your consultation, we’ll discuss any potential allergies you may have, and ask if you have an infection, are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. From there, we’ll also discuss your filler options to decide on the best choice for you and your needs.

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Who Should I Trust with My RHA® Fillers?

While RHA® might sound like a do-it-all product, it still requires skilled injectors with careful hands and well-trained eyes. At Greer Plastic Surgery, our board-certified cosmetic surgeon and aesthetics staff understand and empathize with you, and have the expertise to safely achieve the gorgeous look you want. We’ll take the time to understand your individual facial anatomy and desired outcomes, so you can enjoy the stunning results so many of our patients have already experienced!
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How Much Do RHA® Filler Injections Cost in Mentor?

The cost of RHA® fillers varies per person, as the number of syringes required vary by your facial anatomy and skin goals. To help you successfully plan, we’ll provide a detailed, personalized cost estimate in consultation.

Youthful Results with Fillers


Many of our patients have found beautiful, seamless results with RHA® fillers that rejuvenated their face and self-esteem. Our before and after images show the proof: RHA® fillers can subtly take years off your face for stunningly natural results. Browse our gallery of success stories!

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