When it comes to plastic surgery, you’ll want to work with a surgeon who instills confidence in you and who understands your needs. At Greer Plastic Surgery, we’re proud to say that some of our patients come great distances to get quality, natural-looking results from Dr. Greer and her team. For our traveling patients, we offer our Fly-In Program to help our patients have a complete and luxurious experience on their journey to a body they love.

Meet Your
Plastic Surgery Team

Our surgical staff at Greer Plastic Surgery are warm, friendly, and have a great breadth of experience in resolving our clients’ unique aesthetic concerns — we don’t just have excellent solutions, we tailor them to your needs. We want you to express your needs openly to us so we can determine the best options for you.

We help make sure your entire Fly-In experience, from the moment you touch down in Cleveland through your surgery and recovery, provides the pampering and rejuvenation you deserve.

Meet Your Plastic Surgery Team at Greer Plastic Surgery

See what Patients have to say

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“I found Dr. Greer on TikTok. I live in Columbus but never felt comfortable with the surgeons around here. I really love when a surgeon values me as a person and doesn’t just see me as a customer. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Greer the first time I met her. She didn’t make me feel silly when I asked a lot of questions. She truly listened to what my end goal was. I lost 100 pounds, had a baby then lost the weight, had another baby and lost the weight again. My body needed a lot of help. Dr. Greer helped me figure out what procedures would make my goals a reality. She helped ease my anxiety and truly made me feel comfortable (even on surgery day). I’m still in the healing process but I can definitely see big results. I can finally see the body I’ve worked so hard for. Dr. Greer has helped make my dreams come true. I’ll always be thankful she did my surgeries. I can’t wait to continue seeing my transformation. Thank you Dr. Greer and staff!”

– Harley

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“There are not enough words to describe Dr. Greer. She is not only a wonderful surgeon but woman as well. She makes you feel so comfortable, and at ease, every step of the way. She was so informative, helpful, and nicest person I have ever encountered. My results were beyond any expectations. Dr. Greer is the far most talented woman I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Thank you Dr. Greer!”

– Lane

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“I had an amazing experience through out the whole process. Dr. Greer is amazing. She made me feel so comfortable and confident throughout the whole surgery. Best decision I’ve ever made!”

– Victoria

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“I received a breast reduction/lift from Doctor Greer in September. Before my surgery I was a 32DDD/FF and I’m only 5 foot. The weight took a major toll on my back, neck and shoulders. After having a baby I knew I needed to get a consult for a reduction and lift. Doctor Greer listened to all of my needs and wants and put ME first. My recovery was amazing and I’m very pleased with my end result. I can work out without pain and shop at target for bras without special ordering things. If you are considering this procedure, DO IT! My body finally feels proportionate and Its changed my life. I have Greer Plastic Surgery to thank for making me feel the best I’ve ever felt.”

– Lauren

Step 1: Starting the Conversation

Tell Us About Yourself

Getting started is as easy as filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Please tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’ll be coming from, and how you want us to help rejuvenate your look.

Our Patient Coordinator Will Get in Touch

After we go over your form, you’ll be contacted by our Patient Coordinator. They’ll be your connection to everything you’ll need for a complete and high-quality plastic surgery experience. During this initial call with our Patient Coordinator, they’ll set up your consultation with Dr. Greer, answer your questions, go over expectations, and offer suggestions— for both your procedure and travel!

Step 2: The Consultation

Send Us Some Photos

Because you’ll be visiting from out of town, Dr. Greer will require photos to better understand your case ahead of time. She’ll review these photos prior to your virtual consultation so that she has her professional assessment, and your best options, in mind going into your meeting.

If you have any questions regarding these photos, please reach out to your Patient Coordinator.

Dr. Greer’s Virtual Consult

You get ample time during your virtual consultation with Dr. Greer, during which she’ll learn about your cosmetic wants, lifestyle needs, and overarching goals for your stay with us. This is your time to ask for what you want, and plan your unique aesthetic treatment plan with a seasoned professional. You’ll choose a path forward together, and she’ll make sure you understand all that it entails.

There is a cost for the initial consultation with Dr. Greer, which will be discussed prior in your conversation with our Patient Coordinator. Afterwards, if we determine that you aren’t a candidate for your desired procedure, we’ll refund this in its entirety.

Step 3: Get Ready for Rejuvenation

Setting Dates

Your Patient Coordinator will work with you to determine the best day and time for your surgery. Please remember that a trip prior to your surgery date will be required for your pre-op visit. You’ll want to factor in time for that, as well as the visit for the procedure itself, and the estimated recovery time. Our Patient Coordinator will be able to fully explain necessary visits and keep you up to date on your recovery schedule and how to take care of (and treat) yourself afterwards.

Local Recommendations

With a gem of a lakefront, a vibrant downtown area, and surprises around every corner, Mentor and the Greater Cleveland area have a lot to offer! We’re happy to recommend some of the finest hotels to stay in, as well as some excellent and award-winning restaurants that are popular with locals and visitors alike. These include:

  • Hotels
  • Dining
Holiday Inn

Holiday INN

11200 Gold Court,
Painesville OH 44077 (440) 255-3117
Best Western


8434 Mentor Avenue,
Mentor OH 44060 (440) 354-4040
Residence Inn By Marriott


5660 Emerald Court,
Mentor OH 44060 (440) 701-6318
Pastina Rustic Italian Dining


9354 Mentor Ave #1,
Mentor, OH 44060 (440) 255-3117
Red Hawk Dining


7481 Auburn Rd #9703,
Painesville, OH 44077 (440) 354-4040
Austin Grill Dining


8748 Mentor Ave.,
Mentor, OH 44060 (440) 701-6318

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Our fly-in program is designed to help you find not only your rejuvenated new look, but a unique experience to look forward to. Please fill out this form and we’ll get you started on your journey right away.

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