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Natural aging causes the skin around your eyes and brows to sag, creating a tired look that sleep can’t fix — but Dr. Greer can, with brow lifts that undo the hand of time for a youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Brow Lift Surgery Near You

Look effortlessly refreshed with an expertly performed brow lift at Greer Plastic Surgery. With her keen understanding of facial anatomy, harmony, and balance, Dr. Greer is here to bring you the fresh and natural results you desire for your eyes.

Eye brow lift at Greer Plastic Surgery

What is an Eyebrow Lift?

This surgical procedure treats droopy, saggy brows for a well-rested, more expressive and alert appearance. As we age, our skin and muscles start to sag, so a brow lift removes excess tissue and lift the skin, often through incisions along the hairline or other hidden places. With a brow lift, your eyebrows will sit higher on the face, which can restore vision as well as give you back your youthful eyes. Dr. Greer will work to find a plan with you, so your surgery provides subtle yet strong results!

What Are the Types of Brow Lifts & How Do They Work?

There are several types of eyebrow lifts to suit your needs and desired outcomes.

At Greer Plastic Surgery we offer:

  • An endoscopic brow lift creates incisions along the hairline to remove overstretched muscles and re-anchor the brows, for a scalp and brow line that sits subtly higher.
  • An open brow lift makes an incision on or right in front of the hairline, across the width of the forehead, and is the same as an endoscopic brow lift otherwise.
  • A lateral brow lift takes a small strip of skin along each side of the hairline to create more of an arch without removing muscles.

While Dr. Greer prefers the lateral brow lift in many cases, different brow lifts are better for different patients, and Dr. Greer will go over each kind in a consultation to choose the most effective procedure.

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What is the Recovery Time for
Brow Lift Surgery?

Recovery for a brow lift varies depending on the patient and the type of lift. Initial healing typically takes 10 days to two weeks. While swelling can occur, patients are normally able to go back to work within a week and resume strenuous activities like exercising within a month; patients are also given a kit to optimize recovery process and minimize scarring. After the procedure, Dr. Greer will follow up to ensure that healing is going smoothly and that her patients love their results.

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What is the Cost of
Brow Lift Surgery?

While the cost of a brow lift depends on the type of surgery and desired look, we’re ready and willing to help customize a plan that benefits you and your needs. We have flexible financing options at Greer Plastic Surgery, so we can help you achieve the look you want, no matter the budget.

Dr. Jennifer Greer plastic surgeon - Greer Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Greer


Brow Lift Surgeon 
in Mentor, OH

Dr. Greer knows how small tweaks lead to big changes, and she understands the value that even minor adjustments can have for your overall self-confidence. An eyebrow lift can not only make you fall in love with your appearance again, it can also improve your vision and treat medical conditions that impair your daily quality of life. Dr. Greer is just a consult away: she looks forward to meeting you and helping you achieve fantastic results that bring out your natural beauty.

Dr. Greer specializes in natural results for a more effortlessly stunning you. Take a look at our before and after gallery to catch a glimpse of just how big a difference we can make!

Real patient real result at Greer Plastic Surgery
Real patient real result at Greer Plastic Surgery
Real patient real result at Greer Plastic Surgery
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