Are medical-grade skin care products really better?

Oct 2, 2015 | Healthy Living | 2 comments

Yes! There is absolutely a difference between the skin care products offered over the counter and skin care products sold by physicians.medical-grade skin care products

  • The products sold in doctor’s offices contain higher concentrations of active ingredients, meaning they are generally more effective. Treatments for brown spots are a great example. The skin lightening creams available at your local pharmacy contain 2% hydroquinone, the active ingredient which blocks your cells from making pigment. But skin lightening creams available through your Plastic Surgeon have 4% hydroquinone.
  • When you see a Plastic Surgeon or a Dermatologist for skin care products you get the benefit of a skin care plan tailored to your needs. A skin care product may be incredibly effective, but it won’t help you if you’re using it for the wrong reason. Along those same lines, a physician can diagnose what is really going on with your skin, and treat the underlying cause, not just the symptoms.
  • Sometimes your skin takes time to adjust to new products. A doctor can tell you if what you are experiencing is a normal side effect, or if you should stop the product or try a different product instead. Tretinoin (aka Retin A) cream is a great example of this. Tretinoin is very irritating to the skin, so many people stop using it before they see results. But Tretinoin can give some amazing results in terms of smoothing fine lines and evening out pigmentation, if you are able to get through that adjustment period. A doctor experienced with skin care can help you adjust your use to minimize skin irritation, or even prescribe other products to calm down the initial redness and flaking.
  • Plastic Surgeons can also recommend where best to spend your money if you have a limited budget.  Skin care products are a way to help augment the results I achieve from laser procedures, Botox, and fillers. Which means I care about your results, not making a commission. I can tell you which skin care products to purchase at your local pharmacy to save you money, and which ones you really need to buy at my office to see results.

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  1. Katherine

    What product would you recommend to hide fine lines after filler?

    • Greer

      Thank you for your question! Fine lines can be accentuated by dry skin, so a good moisturizer will help. The only way to actually remove fine lines, however, is to resurface the skin using a laser peel or chemical peel.


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