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Sep 7, 2021 | Face | 0 comments

Greer Plastic Surgery - Bbl Hero Treatment Logo

Greer Plastic Surgery - Bbl Hero Treatment Logo

BBL, which stands for Broad Band Light, is a common way to treat uneven pigmentation, fade spider veins, and fade redness. You may have also heard it referred to as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). We’ve been using BBL in our practice for several years with great results. But now we’re taking things up a notch – I’m excited to introduce the BBL HERO!

What makes BBL HERO different?

HERO stands for High Energy Rapid Output. It means we can deliver more energy in a shorter amount of time. The Sciton BBL HERO is the most powerful BBL on the market, and the new cooling technology includes twice the cooling power to keep your treatment more comfortable than traditional BBL. What does this mean for you?

Better results in less time, with less discomfort.

How is it different from other BBL?

With our previous BBL treatments, we used a stamping technique. The applicator is placed on the skin, you feel a big flash of heat, and then we move to a new spot and do the same thing. This made treating large areas like the chest, arms, and legs time consuming and even painful.

The BBL HERO uses a motion technique. If you’ve had the Forever Bare hair removal treatment you’ve already experienced what this is like. Not only is the BBL HERO much, much faster for treating large areas, it’s also less painful. I was able to treat my chest, arms, and back in only about a half hour. And rather than a flash of heat, it felt like a mild prickly sensation.

What can Hero treat?

Similar to the traditional BBL, the BBL HERO can lighten brown spots, fade redness, erase spider veins, and build collagen. Because the treatment delivers more energy than traditional BBL, it has more of an effect on skin tone and texture. But the results aren’t limited to just the face! We can treat the face, neck, arms, legs, back, and chest.

Is there downtime?

Immediately after the treatment you’ll feel sunburned for a couple hours. This feeling does fade fairly quickly. You’ll also notice any brown spots get darker. On the face they will exfoliate off and lighten up within a week, but the process may take two or three weeks on the body. If you have a lot of spider veins, you may even have some bruising. Finally, it’s not unusual to have some mild swelling, especially on the face. I noticed puffiness around my eyes first thing in the morning for a few days after having my Forever Young BBL HERO treatment. Some benadryl and a cold compress helped quite a bit.

How many treatments will you need?

If you have a fair amount of sun damage, you’ll want to do a series of at least three treatments, one month apart, to even out your skin tone. Once most of the sun damage is removed, I recommend getting a BBL HERO treatment three to four times a year to build collagen. In clinical studies getting three to four treatments per year kept patients from developing wrinkles. In fact, at the end of the 10 year study patients actually looked younger than at the beginning of the study!

What does the BBL HERO cost?

We will be offering some introductory specials through January 1, 2022. After that the price will be $550 for a Forever Young BBL HERO on the face, or $600 for the arms, chest, back, neck, or lower legs. Discounts are available if you would like to treat multiple areas or purchase a package.

Ready to start your journey to younger skin? Call us at 440-974-8577 to schedule your treatment.


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