Lash Growth Serum
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Eyelash serum is a great choice for anyone who wants to ditch their mascara and achieve naturally longer, stronger, and darker lashes. Greer Plastic Surgery offers LATTISE® and RevitaLash®, two of the most trusted eyelash serums currently available.
Eyelash serums

What Are Eyelash Serums?

Eyelash serums are non-irritating liquids applied directly to the lash line to help boost the length, volume, color, and even the health of your lashes. Because they improve your lashes’ natural growth, they’re a longer-term solution to mascara, which requires daily use and removal.

The creation of LATISSE® was a happy accident—it was first used as an eyedrop to treat glaucoma, with the fortunate side effect of causing eyelashes to become longer and thicker! RevitaLash®, meanwhile, was developed by an ophthalmologist to increase the overall health and appearance of eyelashes.

Which neurotoxin has been around the longest?

LATISSE® is FDA-approved as of 2008. LATISSE® contains a chemical called bimatoprost, which makes eyelashes grow for a longer period than normal, resulting in longer lashes. It also increases the number of hairs and makes them darker.

RevitaLash® contains a different chemical called latanoprost, which enhances the appearance of lashes by making them longer and stronger. It comes in a slightly lower concentration, which means it may take a bit longer to work compared to LATISSE®.

Both RevitaLash® and LATISSE® can also be used for thinning eyebrows.

Why Choose Greer Plastics for Eyelash Growth Serum?

Dr. Greer knows that even if you’re happy with yourself, you can still have that one spot you’d like to change. Greer Plastic Surgery provides therapeutic treatments for the everyday person that appear perfectly natural; we’ll make sure that you won’t look like a Barbie or a runway model, but instead an enhanced version of yourself.

What to Expect from Lash Growth Serum

Before Your Treatment

BEFore your Treatment

Prior to applying lash serum, wash your face with a gentle cleanser. People who use soft contact lenses should also remove their lenses before application. LATISSE® comes in a dropper bottle with separate brushes for application. RevitaLash® resembles a liquid eyeliner, with the brush in the cap. Apply the serum at night to the upper lash line only, not the bottom. The serum will diffuse down into the lower lashes.

During your treatment

While using lash serum, avoid excessively scrubbing the eyes when removing makeup, wearing false lashes, or overusing an eyelash curler. Be sure to apply the serum consistently and do not skip days.

AFter your treatment

Both eyelash serums require ongoing use for full effects. They shouldn’t need to affect your routines in a significant way.

Eyelash Growth Serum Results

RevitaLash®️️️️ & LATISSE®️️️️ Eyelash Growth Serum Results

In about a month, you’ll see improved length and thickness, with the full effect being visible in a couple months!

 Are Eyelash Serums Safe?

Absolutely! Both LATISSE® and RevitaLash® have been around since the early 2000s. Dr. Greer has also personally used both.


Possible side effects include eye irritation and darkening of the eyelid skin, which is temporary and fades once serum use is discontinued. In extremely rare cases, there can be darkening of the iris.


There are certain populations, such as those with glaucoma or uveitis, who should not use lash serums, but eyelash serums are safe to use for most people with minimal side effects and have been trusted for decades.

Question For RevitaLash

Questions About RevitaLash®️️️️ & LATISSE®️️️️ Lash Serum?

RevitaLash® and LATISSE® are both safe and cost-effective ways to achieve longer, fuller eyelashes. If you’d like to learn more, we’d love to help.

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