Dr. Greer’s Signature Mastopexy Technique

Sep 11, 2023

Signature Mastopexy Technique

A breast lift can provide you with enhanced confidence, and scaling up with implants can be a highly desirable option. With Dr. Jennifer Greer’s signature mastopexy technique, which combines the benefits of both an augmentation and a lift, perky results that last are finally attainable.

The Technique

Dr. Greer’s preferred method of surgery is known as a total submuscular breast augmentation pexy. Unlike in traditional methods, implants are placed underneath both the pectoralis major muscle and the breast tissue, which lifts the native breast onto the implant to create a better end result. Excess skin is then removed while breast tissue is reshaped to a more youthful position. This allows you to maintain the look, even during weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and nursing!

Why Leave the Muscle Intact?

Leaving the muscle intact by not releasing its rib attachment provides an overall more aesthetically pleasing result that lasts longer. Conventional mastopexy techniques would involve lifting the tissue first, and then inserting the implant for augmentation. The breast would then appear to start lower on the sternum, as the pectoralis muscle stays right on top of the ribs and sternum. By leaving the muscle intact, you get the lifted, perky, and youthful effect that great mastopexies always hope to achieve!

How Do I know If I Need a Pexy With My Implants?

Dr. Greer will inform you in consultation if you need a mastopexy with your implantation surgery. She’ll measure tissue below the breast crease, and if the measurement is 2.5 cm or more, you’ll need a mastopexy in addition to your implants in order to get your ideal look. Dr. Greer will also use an innovative measuring system to help determine your best, most natural-looking implant size.

Mastopexies with Dr. Greer

For a procedure as major as a mastopexy, you deserve only the best. Dr. Greer learned how to perform the submuscular augmentation mastopexy technique from Dr. Holly Casey Wall in Louisiana, a certified expert plastic surgeon and master of the technique. She chose to learn the technique after years of experience performing conventional procedures showed her that better results were possible with a little more ingenuity and surgical deftness. She’ll walk you through what her mastopexy entails and if it’s right for you,we’ll help you make an informed decision.