Life as a plastic surgeon – What’s it really like?

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Plastic Surgeon Life

Plastic Surgeon Life

Every wonder what life as a plastic surgeon looks like? I know so many times I’ve had a conversation with someone, found out what they do for a living, then leave still wondering exactly what it is they actually do all day. There are so many interesting careers out there, and it’s often hard to understand what someone’s day-to-day life actually is like. I’m going to give you a whole week in my life, so you can see exactly what life as a plastic surgeon is like.

Thursday: (I write blog posts on Thursday, so we’re starting there).

  • I woke up at 6am with my kids. They slept in until 7 once a couple months ago, but that’s a rare event.. We hung out, I drank coffee, they ate breakfast. We got ready for the day, read some books, and they played for awhile.
  • At 8am my hubby took the kids to daycare. I work from home on Thursdays, so my schedule is flexible. I started my day with some yoga and meditation, then went to an Al-Anon meeting (there are a couple addicts in my family, and I like to go as often as I can).
  • After the meeting I ran a couple errands and had lunch. Then I got to work.
  • 1pm I interviewed someone for my podcast.podcast interview
  • 2pm I worked on blog posts. I create them in batches- today I need to come up with topics and outline 5 posts. I’ll write them out next week. Some Thursdays I outline or record podcasts instead- I record my podcast in a closet under our basement stairs. Pretty glamorous!
  • Once that’s done (about 3:30 pm) I’ll work on marketing emails.
  • About 4:30 pm I’ll start cooking dinner. We actually eat about 5 home-cooked meals a week. I like to get everything ready before picking up the kids; they’re usually ravenous when they get home.
  • After dinner we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (or Paw Patrol, or whatever show my kids like this week) then read books and do bedtime routine. (You thought life as a plastic surgeon would be more glamorous, didn’t you?) Then I have about an hour to myself before I head to bed at 9:30 (hey- the kids get up at 6 every day regardless of when I go to bed!)


  • Up at 6am again. Our normal morning routine, then I drop the kids at daycare on my way to work.
  • I see patients in my office until 12pm- this is probably what you typically think of when you think of what life as a plastic surgeon is like. But it’s really only about half my work week. After seeing scheduled patients, I have walk-in hours for patients until 3, but this Friday is special: I’m doing a walk-through of our new office with an architect who will help me design the space.
  • At 3pm I hop on Facebook. I do two weekly live videos- one on a plastic surgery topic, and one answering questions for my weight loss group. I teach an online weight loss course, and FB is how we keep in touch.
  • Costco date with hubby! We sneak off to go through Costco without the kids and have some alone time (I know- it’s pretty romantic!). Then he’ll head home to unload groceries while I get the kids from daycare.
  • Then it’s dinner, bedtime routine, some relaxation time for me (I read a book), then bed.


  • The kids are up early again. At least they’re consistent! This morning we watched “The Secret Life of Pets”, which my son keeps referring to as “That funny episode of Puppy Dog Pals.”
  • I try to do some yoga moves, but I have more help from the kids than is…. helpful.saturday yoga
  • We go to swim lessons next. The kids have lessons every Saturday, and then we grocery shop together (the highlight for them is getting a cookie from the bakery!)
  • Next is lunch, then nap time. I take a nap too, which is one of my favorite parts of the weekend!
  • After nap time we go out to dinner at Whiskey Island- it’s a little peninsula on Lake Eerie with a cool little bar/restaurant. My father in law’s band is playing tonight, and the kids love watching him.
  • After dinner we stop for ice cream. A huge new shopping center just went in by my house, and it has a Graeter’s! (Grater’s ice cream is originally from Cincinnati, and it is amazing!)
  • Then it’s bed time for the sugared-up, overtired kids.


  • Our Sunday routine is pretty similar to Saturday, except we have church in the morning instead of swim lessons. Then lunch and nap. This Sunday we go over to my in-laws house for dinner. They live right across the street, so we walk over.


  • This is my full day in the OR. Today I’m doing a face lift and eye-lift on a lovely patient. The surgery goes very smoothly, and I’m excited for her result.plastic surgeon surgery
  • After surgery I head over to my office. Normally I would be done for the day at this point, but today I have a meeting with the cabinet manufacturer. He’s going to work up a bid for the new office.
  • After the meeting I head home, and we have our usual evening of dinner, tv/playtime, and bed.


  • This is my full day of seeing patients, but we don’t start until 11am. I do some yoga (without the kids!) before I head to work
  • I see patients until 7 most Tuesdays. But this week I have a call with my life-coach. I worked with a weight loss coach for six months, and now I have a coaching session every couple of months. I love having a neutral third party to bounce things off of!
  • I catch my kids as they’re going to bed in time for good night kisses.


  • I see patients in the morning on Wednesdays. I have a couple small procedures today as well- taking off moles and that sort of thing. It gives a nice variety to my work.
  • I usually have surgery on Wednesday afternoon, but I don’t have anything scheduled today. I have my aesthetician do a Dermasweep to exfoliate my skin- seriously my favorite! Whenever the pores on my nose start to get clogged, a Dermasweep smooths my skin right back out.
  • I notice some smile lines getting deeper in the mirror this morning, so I take advantage of a free minute and inject some filler. It’s a treat to have my nurse injector Val do it for me, but our schedules rarely overlap. Fortunately I’ve gotten pretty good at doing it myself! Life as a plastic surgeon definitely has some perks!
  • I head home early to meet the mobile dog groomer at my house. This is seriously the best thing ever! My malti-poo gets a full bath and clip right in the driveway while I work on my computer.
  • After finishing some marketing funnels for my online weight loss course, I cook dinner. (Marketing funnels are basically the way we gather an audience and give them great information- this might mean setting up a page where you can download a worksheet, or recording a Facebook live video. Today I’m writing emails to invite people to my free one hour training on weight loss.)
  • My husband brings the kids home, and another week is complete. Whew!

I think my life is un-exciting, but fun.

As you can see, life as a plastic surgeon can be pretty varied. Having a podcast, and a blog, and an online course adds a lot of interesting tasks to my day. I wish I could blame the early bedtime on my kids (actually, I totally did blame it on them), but I’ve always gone to bed early. I’m one of those crazy people who thrives on 9 hours of sleep!

Dr. Greer is a Plastic Surgeon who practices in Cleveland, OH. Her passion is helping moms regain self-confidence by getting rid of sagginess, wrinkles, and stubborn fat. Read more about her at


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